Friday, December 3, 2010

Rely Local Flyer 02

The first flyer I made had the wrong color scheme, and they didn't want the color gradient (may not print correctly with their printers). It was requested to be less fancy with the colors (no gradient, no shadows, not contour) and to be made with the black, red, and white colors of Rely Local. The first banner was requested to have the Blue Angels Jets (an icon of Pensacola, Florida), but their colors of blue and yellow didn't blend well with the colors of Rely Local's red, black, and white. Because of that, I didn't add the red icon of Rely Local. That, of course, didn't help with the purpose of the flyer, so I redid it with the correct color schemes. I removed the blue angels all together. The first flyer is my first creation, the second one is the final flyer.

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