Wednesday, December 22, 2010

East Hill Market Logo - Batch #2

I was asked to redo the East Hill logo, again. The business has three owners, so I understand that they each have different ideas on how they want their logo to represent themselves. The blog of the old logos can be found here: East Hill Market Logo - Batch #1. The logos below reflect the start and end of how East Hill Market's logo came to be, the last/bottom image being the latest update.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pipeline Beer (Apple Market) Coupon

Apple Market had their Pipeline Beer on sale, requesting I make a coupon for them. The logo Apple Market wanted me to use was a flash animation on their site. I had to "print screen" the flash, then erase all but the logo to create this coupon. I didn't know if they wanted the green leaves as part of the logo, or not, so I did both versions. Also, I was unsure of the coupon details, making two different coupons.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Apple Market - Wine & Beer Coupon

Making new coupons for the Wine and Beer of the Week, for Apple Market.

Seasonal Coupons

Using the festive holiday logos I created for Apple Market, I made their general coupon "$5 off $50.00 purchase".

"New & Local" Logo

I was asked to create a logo/clip art for the term "New & Local". Below are the few I came up with.

Holiday Apple Market Banners

For the Apple Market News Letter, they wanted a festive banner, based from the ones I did earlier (found at this blog entry: Apple Market Banner ). I created nine different versions and two will be used for this month's weekly news letters.

Holiday Apple Market Logos

For the season, I was asked to create some festive holiday versions of the Apple Market logo. Symbols that were general holiday symbols (bows, snowflakes, bulbs) Below is what I came up with, the bowed apples are the logos that were used.

Rely Local Flyer 02

The first flyer I made had the wrong color scheme, and they didn't want the color gradient (may not print correctly with their printers). It was requested to be less fancy with the colors (no gradient, no shadows, not contour) and to be made with the black, red, and white colors of Rely Local. The first banner was requested to have the Blue Angels Jets (an icon of Pensacola, Florida), but their colors of blue and yellow didn't blend well with the colors of Rely Local's red, black, and white. Because of that, I didn't add the red icon of Rely Local. That, of course, didn't help with the purpose of the flyer, so I redid it with the correct color schemes. I removed the blue angels all together. The first flyer is my first creation, the second one is the final flyer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rely Local Coupon

I was asked to create a new coupon for Rely Local.

Rely Local Flyer 01

Rely Local needed a flyer to represent themselves and is 4.5 x 5.5 inches. This flyer would be posted at the businesses that are found through Rely Local.

Bad Ass Coffee Coupons - Batch #1

Bad Ass Coffee needed some coupons made. I used colors from their logo for the text color.



East Hill Market Coupon

I was asked to make a coupon for East Hill Market. I made the same coupon twice, using the original logo for one and the logo I was asked to create for the other.

East Hill Market Logo - Batch #1

East Hill Market requested a different logo, based of what was done so far. They wanted the image of an outdoor cafe, selling groceries and art supplies, a leaf to divide the words, and the owner envisioned a "tree". With so much to be expressed, I sketched out many ideas. Finally, we came up with a 4 piece pie to represent everything the owner wanted. I personally feel this is a busy image for a logo, but it seems to work. The first image is what I was given to work off of. The other five images are what I came up with.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Purple Cupcake Poster

I was asked to make an 11 inch by 17 inch poster using the first two images. I was requested to use the front image, the highlighted topics of the second image, and the three logos on the bottom of the second image. Some Clone Tool was used to replicate the blue cupcake background over the words.