Sunday, January 23, 2011

Epilepsy Society of Northwest Florida Logo

The name of the company was changed, so I had to redo the text from "Epilepsy Services of Northwest Florida" to "Epilepsy Society of Northwest Florida", trying my best to keep the font the same as the old logo. I was asked to take the original image, change the organization's name, and break it down into three images: the entire whole, just the image, and just the text. The first image is the one I was given to work from, the second image is just the graphic, the third image is just the text, and the fourth image is the final logo.

Bad Ass Coffee Coupons - Batch #3

These are the new batch of Bad Ass Coffee coupons, now with address and phone number of Bad Ass Coffee on the coupon. I tried to give each coupon its own font and color scheme.

Rely Local Night Flyer

This was a flyer made with the dimensions of 4.25inch x 11inch. The flyer is to be passed out at Bad Ass Coffee and Shirley's Deli. The flyer was instructed to be in gray-scale, to be printed on regular printer paper.

Cain's Dog House Coupons

Below are two different versions of a coupon done for Cain's Dog House. The business owner asked if the coupon could look more like an American dollar.

TCBY Coupon

We have now incorporated the business's address and phone number into the coupon process. We decided to place said information under the logo, on the right hand side. TCYB was the first coupon to use this template.

Coupon Template

I was asked to create a general template for our coupons, one that could easily be edited. We started adding the address and phone number of the local business, incorporating that into the new template. The image below is the template I created.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Merrie Lee Fowler Coupons

Merrie Lee Fowler needed a logo and coupons for her franchise, through Rely Local. The first three images are different versions of her logo, the rest of the images being her coupons. The coupons below were made between November and December 2010.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Keens Beans Coupon

A coupon created for Keens Beans.

Bad Ass Coffee Coupons - Batch #2

These are the newer coupons I have made for Bad Ass Coffee, trying to give each one a different font and color scheme.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Apple Market Weekly Email Flyer

I was asked to redo several of the graphics on the Apple Market's weekly email flyer. The following are the graphics I created, the last image being the email flyer they were used for. Some images seen below were not used for the final flyer.

Rely Local Buttons

For the Rely Local's website, I created roll-over buttons. The site, with the working roll over buttons, can be found here:

The first set of buttons were our first idea. Then, I decided the buttons should be more round, creating the second batch. With some WordPress HTML coding, I made the buttons into roll-over buttons, making the button turn red when the cursor was over the white button. Roll over buttons are when the image changes to a different image when your mouse (cursor) is over it.